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This page consists of a complete and ever-expanding list of previous Intersectionality Research Salons hosted by the Intersectionality Training Institute.

Screenshot 2024-03-14 At 1.00.45 PMMay 2024 – Dr. João Luiz Bastos – “The Mouth As A Site of Compound Injustices”: Key Insights from Structural Intersectionality Research About Endentulism (Yeah, We Had to Look it Up Too) and Other Health Inequities
A005April 2024 – Dr. Jameta N. Barlow – Listen to Blackgirls and Women! A Black Feminist and Womanist-Informed Research and Praxis Agenda for Blackgirls’ and Women’s Health
B6481a5f-9a56-4e71-abd8-61167281c28dMarch 2024 – Dr. Jasmine Abrams – Filling the Intersectional Qualitative Research Gap: Writing the Intersectionality Article that I Most Needed
1697598802662February 2024 – Dr. Derek T. Dangerfield, II, PhD – Getting Intersectionally Bare for Research & Praxis: Conducting an Autoethnography to Reflect on the Barriers to PrEP for Black Gay and Bisexual Men
Lbowleg_headshot_orange_sitecropJanuary 2024 – Dr. Lisa Bowleg – Ask Me (Us) Anything Intersectionality-Related
Nancy Headshot For Dec Salon Promo SectionDecember 2023 – Dr. Nancy López – What’s Your Street Race? Intersectionality for Revising OMB Federal Guidelines on Race and Ethnicity
Screenshot 2023-12-08 At 8.12.04 PMNovember 2023 – Frankfurt Forum Ensemble – What We Talked and Debated About Intersectionality and Gender/Sex at the Forum (Frankfurt, Germany, October 2024)
Image2 (3)September 2023 – Patrick Grzanka, PhD – Reproductive Justice: The Intersectional Lens We’ve Always Needed
Image8 (2)June 2023 – Mandi Pratt-Chapman, PhD – Integrating Intersectionality within LGBTQIA+ “Cultural Competency” Training for Health Care Providers: Lessons and Challenges
Image5 (1)May 2023 – Sukhmani Singh, PhD – Thinking through the disciplinary domain of power and what probation officer diversity at socio-structural intersections of diversity can teach us: Examining probation through the lens of a diverse workforce.
Screenshot 2023-12-15 At 2.33.27 PMApril 2023 – Lisa Rosenthal, PhD – Grappling with Intersectional Praxis
Image1 (3)March 2023 – Ayden Scheim, PhD – How Many Scales Do We Need? Intersectionality and Survey Measures
Image4 (2)February 2023 – Nicole Else-Quest, PhD – Bringing the Matrix to the Mainstream: How We Can Transform Science with Intersectionality
Image3 (5) (1)January 2023 – Jennifer Nash, PhD & Samantha Pinto, PhD, MA – Collecting Intersectionalities, or How To Do Feminist Collaboration Without Losing Your Mind
Image16December 2022 – Patricia A. Homan, PhD – Getting Structural: Why Researching and Measuring Structural Intersectionality, Structural Sexism and Structural Racism Are So Critical for Advancing Health Equity
Nnaji HeadshotNovember 2022 – Chioma Nnaji, MPH, MEd – Things Intersectionality Researchers Keep Getting Wrong about Intersectionality: Why We Need Communities, Not Researchers, to Lead the Way to Social Justice and Health Equity
Image13October 2022 – Lynet Uttal, PhD, MSW – Twenty Years Later: Revisiting and Re-Imagining the Methodological and Analytical Challenges of Qualitative Intersectionality Research
Image10September 2022 – AJPH Special Supplement Ensemble – Yeah… But: Critical Takes on the Concept of Intersectional Stigma from the Guest Editors of the June 2022 AJPH Special Supplement on HIV-Related Intersectional Stigma
Image18July 2022 – Elle Lett, PhD, MA, MBiostat – “We Are More than Our Pain”: Envisioning Joy, Strength, and Power in Intersectionality
Image3 (1)June 2022 – Ange-Marie Hancock, PhD – Getting fuzzy with it. Applying intersectionality to COVID-19 research using a fuzzy-set approach
Image11May 2022 – Fayola Jacobs, PhD – Beyond Vulnerability: How Intersectionality Shifts Our Understandings of Environmental Disasters
Image12April 2022 – Michele Tracy Berger, PhD – On being the belle of the intersectional stigma ball, without knowing about the ball
Image20March 2022 – Leslie McCall, PhD – Researching intersectionality in contemporary U.S. politics and revisiting the complexity of intersectionality for research
Greta Headshot For Nov Salon Promo SectionFebruary 2022 – Greta Bauer, PhD – Rich theory and cheap statistics: The uncomfortable fit between intersectionality and quantitative research
Lisa Bowleg headshot- smiling woman in a yellow suitJanuary 2022 – Lisa Bowleg, PhD, MA – Why an intersectionality research salon?

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